nFluence Media Launches autograph™

April 25th, 2013

An alternative to social log-in through user generated interest graphs

SEATTLE and LONDON –18th April 2013 - nFluence Media Inc., leaders in user generated interest graphs, today announce the launch of autograph™ , an alternative to social log-in that enables consumers to have fun providing opt-in data about their preferences without giving away their social graph.  nFluence Media will unveil the autograph™ platform to businesses during the Festival of Media, taking place in Montreux , Switzerland on 29th April 2013.  

With click-through rates descending, marketers have been faced with finding a smaller and smaller needle in their haystack of big data. They need help from consumers. Using nFluence’s cross platform UX consumers create autographs™ indicating their like or dislike of brand logos and visual content by swiping them up or down on a mobile or web screen. In just 30 seconds they immediately get served relevant content and transparent feedback of their learned preferences.

autographs™ contain 84 demographics, 600+ interests and 2,000 brand affinities that consumers can continually refine and add more valuable opinion data too. Marketers now have opt-in data that is privacy-safe and, more importantly, straight from consumers, without the need to rely on social log-in data. This results in a response rate to content, offers and advertising that can be up to 52 times greater than if they had relied on inferred data alone.

Henry Lawson, nFluence CEO, commented “autographs™ are an industry first thanks to direct consumer involvement and the proprietary technology that enables this process to take place in under 30 seconds.” He continued “The magic of autographs™, and the fun consumers have in creating them, is in direct contrast to the traditional “Big Data” algorithmic guesses that companies currently use to build consumer insights.  Response rates to Big Data driven behaviorally targeted advertising are only marginally more effective, but big data is potentially explosive, with consumers spied upon, and the data gathered potentially illegal. autographs™ give marketers the opportunity to exchange content, and personalize offers for this data. This is a genuine game changer for both consumers and businesses alike which, in our client trials and live applications field use, has resulted in between a 10 and 52 times increased response rate.” 

Brian Roundtree, nFluence CTO, added “So many consumers have become aware that when they use Facebook Connect, they are selling their friends to new sites. Until now they, and the publishers, have had little choice. autographs™ are as simple to use as Facebook Connect, yet deeply more personal. They are about your unique interests and not your friends, and therefore consumers create a profile they trust, and want to use broadly to experience a digital life on their terms. For our clients, they can use autographs™ to gain deep customer insights and deliver relevant, personalized and rewarding customer experiences without having to rely on socially inferred, and possibly inaccurate, data.”

nFluence has been building an ecosystem of autographs™ inside their own applications for over a year, and today signals the beginning of the technology roll out to third parties through industry standard API’s and an easily integrated SDK. This can be rolled out live, via white-labeled software applications or plug-ins into existing mobile or desktop applications, in under 8 weeks.  nFluence is already working with a number of clients to integrate autograph™ technology, the first of which will be announced June.