autoGraph Launches Summer of Sport

An analysis of 500,000 profiles in the U.K. showcases how autoGraph empowers brands to engage with their customers.

At first blush, the dining and drinking habits of football and tennis fans in the United Kingdom might seem a bit trite: Football fans are far more likely than tennis aficionados to drink beer, and spectators across both sports love a BBQ.

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But, when drilling deeply into the preferences of each, essential data emerge: British football enthusiasts, who spend up to £1.12bn on World Cup food and drink, are five-times more likely to experiment with new recipes, methods and ingredients when cooking. Thirsty tennis fans, on the other hand, are twice as likely to choose soft drinks, and nearly half of them eat on the go.

That is according to an analysis of 500,000 autoGraph profiles in the U.K. It showcases how autoGraph, which leverages artificial intelligence to deliver personalized content, powers the capabilities of brands to better interact and engage with their consumers.

Makers and sellers of diverse food and drink offerings, for example, can see they have a massive opportunity to reach potential British customers during the World Cup, ongoing now, particularly since the average Brit is two times more likely to be a football fan.  Soft drink and fast-food brands, meanwhile, have heightened odds of connecting with targeted consumers in July during Wimbledon, the world’s most prominent professional tennis tournament, hosted annually in England.

Customers positively respond to invitations to share data about themselves when asked transparently and efficiently. The autoGraph white label platform allows brands to understand each individual customer. When people willingly agree to share their information, it signals trust. And when people trust a company, they are far more likely to provide candid, accurate and useful information.

Brands that use autoGraph see the vast majority of their customers opt-in to marketing permissions as they are able to understand their profile and opt-in quickly - in just a matter of seconds. Opt-in rates among brands that use autoGraph increase up to 700% and their digital advertising and content revenue has ballooned 200% to 800%.

autoGraph is the future of data privacy. Customers are enabled with the ability to build and maintain their own profile and to control and choose what they share with a brand. Confidence in privacy substantially bolsters the trust that is paramount for all brands to deliver true customer value, and drive real business results such as increased revenues, loyalty and brand affinity.