Identity Cloaking


Let's you use your identity without sharing your personal data. Your data remains under your control, while you control how and where it is used.
  • Cloaking

    Your real email address is always kept private, instead a disposable email address is created for each website you visit, the disposable email is automatically rerouted to your real email address.

  • Cloaking

    Your preferences can be used for personalize your internet experiences without disclosing who you are. What you want and prefer, not who you are.

  • Cloaking

    If you want something delivered to you, only the package delivery company needs you real address, the shipper gets a token that the delivery company can convert into a real address.

  • Cloaking
    Phone Numbers 

    Your phone numbers stay private, so you can control who calls you, and also authenticate who they are. No more spam phone calls.

What is Identity Cloaking? 

Identity Cloaking allows you to easily control how your personal information is used online, without disclosing personal data, in the same way that Paypal™ allows businesses to use your credit card without disclosing your credit card details.

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