Top 3 US Mobile Operator 3x increase in ad revenue

The Situation

After delivering a highly successful project that collected opt-in marketing permissions from 26% of the customer’s user base in less than 24 hours, the team at autoGraph went on to create a customer centric, data-enabled mobile web implementation to generate revenue for a top 3 US mobile operator.

The operator’s initial customer journey meant that when customers would browse the web via an Android device, they would automatically be redirected to a Google search page. Wanting to discover more about their customers, the operator wanted to improve the overall experience and personalize advertisements and content so as to cater to their individual customers’ needs. Like other operators, finding a way to be more than a “dumb pipe” is always critical to business success.

The Solution

The solution was simple: autoGraph would create a similar search page but include advertising inventory and relevant content that would strengthen the operator’s relationship with their customers. Using machine learning from autoGraph’s user-generated AI marketing platform, autoGraph went on to categorize all of the content that the operator produced such as news and sports, and then took this even further by personalizing this measurement to each customers’ preferences. Going so far as to tailor individual advertisements and videos, the curated content provides a look at issues happening both globally and locally to ensure that every search page is especially targeted to each user.

The Benefits

3x Increase in ad revenue

Encouraging customers to consume operator-produced content, autoGraph’s solution is driving new and significant revenue. Having easily generated 3x the revenue per advertisement than what the operator has previously managed to achieve, autoGraph has developed the tools to place the customer in control – ensuring that they receive the content that is relevant to them.

Customer Go Live in Weeks

autoGraph’s speed of execution, the way in which the team integrates seamlessly with the operator and dedication to align our objectives whilst maintaining a positive working relationship wherever we are in the world means that we are able to deliver solutions such as these in weeks – not months or years. This initial speed and overall commitment then goes on to deliver positive return on investment as quickly as possible.

With adults in the US spending 10 hours and 39 minutes consuming content in the first quarter of 2016 alone, the team at autoGraph recognize how important it is to have a strategy in place that provides what customers require. Our next project with this operator is a customer experience that will focus on content delivery that enhances the ‘text, minutes and data’ core of the operator business. The goal is to differentiate between operators utilizing content and data to keep customers “sticky”, therefore turning customers into brand advocates. Building the bridge between operator and customer along with delivering quickly and efficiently is truly what autoGraph does best.