Personal Data Cloaking

Do you trust every business that has your personal data? We didn't, so we developed and patented our personal-data-cloaking technology based on a zero-trust. Now you can authorize a business to use your personal data without actually see it. This way you can always change your mind, and revoke use of your data. 
You can safely browse, sign-up for exclusive offers, or create cloaked accounts and be free to use the internet without ever revealing your real identity or sharing your personal data. You remain concealed, you control the data that is being used to provide a great experience, and you control everything website by website any time.


Your real email address is always kept private, instead a disposable email address is created for each website you visit, the disposable email is automatically rerouted to your real email address.


Use your personal preference profile to receive individualized internet experiences without disclosing who you are. We only give insights into what you want, not who you are.

Phone Numbers 

Your phone numbers stay private, so you can control who calls you, and also authenticate who they are. No more spam phone calls.


If you want something delivered to you, only the delivery company (FedEx® or UPS®) can access your real address, the shipper is provided a token that the delivery company converts into your address.


Personal-Data-Cloaking Capabilities 

Personal-Data-Cloaking allows you to easily control how your personal information is used online, without disclosing personal data, in the same way that Paypal™ allows businesses to use your credit card without revealing your credit card numbers.

For businesses, we do this without breaking the internet. You are still able to personalize messages, individualize content, and communicate with your customers as before. The advantage is that you won't need to take on regulatory risks of retaining PII or dealing with a data breach aftermath.

International Patents and Patents Pending

What is Personal-Data-Cloaking? 
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